Who We Are

We are licensed by the Government of Kenya through the National Employment Authority to recruit Kenyans for both Local and Foreign job opportunities enabling placement of Kenyan job seekers with credible employers anywhere in the world.

We source for viable job opportunities abroad and enable the placement of skilled / professional Kenyan job seekers with credible employers anywhere in the world.

Silver RayHR Company Ltd. is one of the few recruitment companies in Kenya that is truly able to boast that it operates on an International scale.

Our core business is connecting, recruiting and placement of Kenyan manpower with employers across the globe. We work closely with Government of Kenya agencies responsible for youth development through employment and enterprise development – specifically with the Youth Labor Export Scheme Abroad office, which deals with recruitment of Kenyan youth to take up productive work opportunities in various countries around the world.

Since we started our operations, we have enabled the placement of thousands of skilled Kenyans with employers in the USA, UK, Australia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Silver RayHR takes a consistent approach to recruiting and developing skilled and unskilled job seekers regardless of where they are based. This structure ensures that we can quickly deliver the right team with the right experience and expertise to any client anywhere in the world within agreed timelines and standards.

The quality of the people we are able to attract and recruit is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients effectively and with distinction. For this reason, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills and creating an environment that fosters their confidence and growth as leaders.

Through our services, we have made it possible for thousands of skilled Kenyans from diverse fields to access job opportunities abroad and build their livelihoods and improve the wellbeing of their families. These are opportunities they otherwise could not have accessed at home despite their training or qualifications.

Categories of staff we have successfully recruited and placed abroad include medics, nurses, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, drivers, security guards, human resource professionals, accountants, secretaries, clerks, store keepers, water treatment plant operators, heavy equipment operators, chefs, food and beverage professionals, waiters, managers, merchandisers, sales people, general maintenance personnel such as Mechanics for various categories ,  IT ,  Administration staff ,  security guards, janitors, carpenters, masons and general labor providers.

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Guiding Principles

In fulfilling our mission and vision, Silver RayHR will be guided by the following principles when implementing our business processes.

A well-trained, professional and disciplined staff capable of exercising ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability both internally and externally with our clients and stakeholders;

A passionate, committed and unrelenting quest to reduce unemployment, under-employment and wastage of Kenya’s skilled human resources through aggressive sourcing of employment opportunities globally and recruiting qualified Kenyans to take them up.

Being good at something is one thing but we ensure that we go the extra mile and teach prospects about profesionalism and teamwork.

Foster collaborative and cooperative integration with Government of Kenya policies on employment creation and with other strategic actors in the labor export segment.

A proactive leadership and management body designed to steer the growth of our services and assure maximum satisfaction of our clients’ needs and expectations.

A public communications effort charged with educating diverse audiences (job-seekers, employers, government agencies, media, training and certification institutions) on existing employment opportunities globally and the roles they can play to productively tap into them for national development; and

Ensure reliability and honesty to our clients.

Our Promise to Clients

Our clients are qualified and skilled job seekers and employers seeking our services.

The core of our mission is to help our clients succeed. We support them to make lasting improvements to their prospects and performance and we also help them to scale their productivity through effective employer and employee relationships.

To satisfy our clients’ needs, Silver Ray HR always seeks to fully understand their needs then carefully identify and support candidates who match the requisitioned profiles and ensure that the employers receive the best possible personnel fits at all times.

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s institutional context, sector dynamics and macroeconomic environment. We study markets, trends and emerging best practices in every industry and region locally and globally and continue to sharpen our acumen to attract talent, skills and passion that meet client needs.


We are Members  of

Professional and Skilled Manpower Consultants – Kenya

American Chamber of Commerce


Our vision is to be the lead labor export private firm in Kenya.


Our mission is to enable skilled and talented Kenyans achieve their full professional and personal aspirations and potential by sourcing and linking them to job opportunities with viable and credible employers globally. By sourcing for skilled employment opportunities globally and building an extensive skilled job seekers’ database, we provide professional services to establish employer-employee fits and facilitate linkages through which both meet their needs. This way we make a difference in the lives of the people we support, i.e., employees in their livelihoods and employers in their businesses.


We would like to inform the public that all jobs that Silver RayHR posts are only found on our website and our official Social Media accounts only. The links to our official accounts can be found on the right. Please remember Silver RayHR does not charge candidates for job opportunities!

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LOCATION: Agip House, 1st Floor Wing B.
ADDRESS: P.O Box 44248 - 00100 Nairobi Kenya
CELL: +254 726 406 832 / +254 714 189 091
EMAIL: info@silverrayhr.com