How to Post a resume or Apply for a Job

CV GUIDELINES/ Applications

  1. The CV should be its own document without the inclusion of the Certification scans and the like.
  2. The CV should be sent in docx or pdf formats. No other formats shall be put into consideration.
  3. The CV, if in pdf format, should be in true pdf format. This means that scans shall of the CV shall not be accepted.
  4. The Passport should be in its own document.
  5. The Certification scans should also be in their own documents
  6. Below is the format in which the CV should be structured. Kindly adhere to the relevant title sections and put the information as stated below.


Contact Information:


Full Name: [Your Name]

Address: [Your Address]

Phone: [Your Phone Number]

Email: [Your Email Address]

Passport no: [Your Passport Number]

Expiry date(Passport): [Expiry date of Passport]

D.O.B: [ Your Date of Birth]



[Your career objective or professional summary goes here.]

Work and Employment History: ( Start with most current employment  and include all employers you have worked for )


[Job Title] at [Company Name]

Employment Period: [Start Date] – [End Date or Present]

[Duties /Responsibilities]

Education and Training:


[Degree/Certification Name]

University/Institution: [University Name]

Graduation Year: [Year]



[List of relevant skills and competencies]




[List any significant achievements, publications, research projects, or presentations]




[Include any additional information about professional affiliations, memberships, volunteer work, etc.]


[Your referees go here]


Include all below documents when submitting your CV

  • Updated CV ( As explained above )
  • Genuine Academic / Training Certificates including Form IV certificate
  • Valid Traveling Passport ( New Generation )
  • COVID 19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Valid Driving License ( if available and be sure to include years of experience in driving and type of vehicles driven )
  • Recommendation Letters / Letters of service from previous employers

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