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Busia - Malaba Rd - Angoromo

General Information


1987 - 1990
Moi Forces AcademyHigh School Diploma

High School Education

East African Institute of professional StudiesDiploma in Forensic Criminology

Crime Scene Investigation
Psychology of Criminal Behavior

1993- 2003
Naval Training School - Mombasa KenyaRadio Operator Grade 1

Radio Communication
Junior Leadership Course
Senior Leadership Course

Work Experience

Dec 2016 -
Vipingo Ridge LimitedDeputy Security manager

Deputy Security Manager (DSM) - Vipingo Ridge Limited - Kenya
Under the Security Manager – in charge of 203 Security Staff who include Controllers, Guards, Paramedic, Driver’s, an administrator, Mobile Response Teams, Dog Handlers and Coordinating duties for 6 Armed Administration Policemen.
Duties include:
Receiving and evaluating intelligence reports and information for Security Manager’s brief.
Conduct of investigation.
• Coordination resident Administration Police duties and tasking as required.
• Contingency planning.
• Addressing Security Officers issues including work performance, safety, guard training, morale and discipline. 
• Evaluating prevailing security situations

Nov 2013 – Dec 2016
Penbry Kenya Limited Field Security Consultant

Nov 2013 – Decrn2016 

• Security Guard Training Consultancy
• Field Security Operations Consultancy 
• Field Security Survey and Advisory services
• Premise Security and Threat Analysis
• Risk assessment and Analysis.
• Asset Protection Procedures and Standard Operation Procedures drafting assistance. 
• Team building and personnel training.
• Occupational Safety and Health Assessment and Analysis

Oct 2012 - Nov 2013
DynCorp International LLC at Camp Leatherneck ISAF Marine Command Base. Transportation Supervisor

International LLC at Camp Leatherneck ISAF Marine Command Base. 
• Under Transportation Manager oversaw day to day running of the Transportation Department’s team. 
• Bus Driving experience for Manual Transmission for manual transmission buses
• I am a holder of an over 5 year driving history.
• Liaised with U.S Defence representatives in provision of mission buses and cargo trucks to move troops and equipment within the FOB and off base. 
• Received, Planned and executed all transportation requests for client using available resources.
• Ensured that all departments’ equipment Maintenance schedule was up to date.
• Ensured that operators had the required valid licenses to operate buses and trucks.
• Offered daily safety brief and training including practical sessions during safety moment and toolbox topic meeting and accident/incident based training whenever a safety incident happened.
• Corresponding with clients and collecting customer information/comments and addressing them on the spot as would have been necessary with aim of not blaming out staff but improving services.
• Maintained property book for equipment and stores assigned issued to the department

Nov 2011 – Jul 2012
Vipingo Ridge Kenya Limited – KilifiChief Controller Security Operations

Under the Security Manager, provided Leadership in Security Operations. which included administration, safety and security operations, training and personnel recruitment. Coordination and Monitoring of daily Vipingo Ridge security activities. Compilation of daily vehicle usage reports, guarding incident reports, personnel attendance records, performing hourly guard call for static posts and half hourly guard calls for mobile units/patrols. Participated in annual budgetary projections and cost evaluation for the departments expenditure plans. Planned and issued security related briefs for individual group guest to the VR. Work Scheduling and Duty roster planning and implementation. Coordination of Drills for Mobile Response teams and Patrols and security staff on Fire, Security alerts and Emergency actions. Investigation of theft, fraud, trespass, traffic accidents, losses and damages to property. Setting up and monitoring of CCTV system plus operator training in control room operations. Planning, designing and implementation of Safety,Health and Environmental plans/proposals and coordination of the safety policy plan, Emergency action plans and group training of Fire Wardens. 
• Drafted and produced the first Standard Operating procedures and Security Guard Training manuals for approval by the General Manager Vipingo Ridge.
• Built strong interpersonal relationships within the Security team from scratch while training the untrained guards.
• Recruited more female guards to cater for the rising demand and to acknowledge the need for gender balance and specific posts requirements.
• Developed a personnel management process that saw employees getting time off and scheduled leave.

Oct 2007 - Aug 2011
Kellogg Brown and Root – (Al Taqaddum/Ramadi) - Iraq LOGCAP IIIDispatcher/ Production Control Clerk

Tasksrnincluded with monitoring over 700 pieces of equipment to ensure that they arernoperational, serviced on time, inspected on weekly and bi-weekly basis,rnordering of parts and tracking ordered parts. Prioritizing maintenance work forrnEmergency response Vehicles. I also did daily, weekly, monthly and quarterlyrnreports. Timely updating the Operational Readiness Report (ORR) on daily forrnmaintenance management use. Worked with operations to ensure service orders arerncompleted in a timely manner. Worked with customer service desk providingrnfriendly, professional service to the customer. Knowledge of all relevantrnsafety standards related to area of responsibility required
rnSending daily ready vehicle list to the clients representative andrndispatch/service due report. Maintained the monthly fire inspection reports forrnthe shop, ensuring adherence to safety plan by ensuring that personnel wererntraining on weekly basis. Submitting requisition to Order Management forrnprocurement of Parts and tracking parts through HQ logistics. Worked withrnvendor in identifying required parts, providing pictures, part numbers, andrnother specifications and also responded to Vendor Technical Evaluation requestsrnthrough corporate buyers. Receiving and verifying parts and matching them to myrnrequisitions. Promptly notifying the maintenance supervisor of the availabilityrnof parts and updating in the ORR. Maintained custody of Documents and Keys andrnthe logs for them. Responding to all email on MS Outlook as required. Keepingrncustomer abreast with the current maintenance status of their Vehicle/Equipmentrnincluding ordered parts status and estimated time arrival and earliestrncompletion date of the repair/replacement 

Octrn2007 – April 2008- Kellogg Brown and Root - Afghanistan 

Reportingrnto the General foreman, receiving assignments instructions, and direction fromrnthe Foreman. Applied good communication skills, reading and interpretingrninstructions and procedures. 

rnRoutine maintenance projects and activities to include roads and groundsrnmaintenance, demolition of old buildings not in service, cleaning andrnsanitizing of showers/ latrines/ ablutions units.

Supportingrnall tradesmen by receiving and hauling materials and equipment to and from thernwork site.

Completingrnrecords, maintenance of power tools along with other equipment.

Facilityrnclean-up and housekeeping activities including Collection, sorting, andrndisposal of garbage on camp and at the incinerator sites.

Adheringrnto all safety rules and procedures, including wearing required PPE.

Participatedrnin proper maintenance, safety and cleanliness standards. Supervised, escort andrndirect sub-contractor employees. Assisted when called upon in proper inventoryrnof supplies for living quarters and cleaning.


Key control responsibility.

Apr 1991 – Sept 2007
Kenya Navy Radio Operator

• Started as a Junior Radio Operator on board ship and Naval communication Centers. 
• On promotion to leading hand, worked at the Maritime Surveillance Shore Stations keeping Radio/Radar watch to monitor ships movement at sea via satellite systems and Radars.

Maintained communications with the local authorities including civil police in monitoring all vessel movements ashore and to harbor to counter contraband, terrorists and illegal immigrants.

Trained stations personnel in general voice procedure for use in maritime communications. 

On Promotion to Sergeant, I was appointed Telephone Exchange supervisor and Operations vote book in charge (Budgets/Logistics/purchase department) and in charge of communications equipment and mobile tactical units including Fitted for Radio Trucks and Mobile VSAT units. I was also the admin Senior Non commissioned officer in charge of personnel management issues and training in Maritime telecommunications. Responsible for “On the Job Training” for all personnel in station.
• Served in the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) 2005-2006 as Senior Administrative Clerk in the UNMEE Movement Control (Movcon) Department (Transportation Logistics) and vehicle maintenance section. Duties included receiving Transportation Movement Requests (TMR) /Freight Movement Request and processing them to actual Movement of personnel and/or cargo. I was also in charge of the Local National personnel issues including tasking of the drivers. As an administration clerk /Senior Military representative, I kept the Movcon Road cell vehicle usage Records, monitored service dates/mileage and ensure that weekly trip tickets were renewed and old ones retrieved, information entered into database and fuel records kept in a separate spread sheet and made daily, weekly and monthly reports as required

Summary of Skills

Task planning and Execution
Computer Operations Microsoft Suite
Driving Heavy Commercial and upto 62 Passenger Bus
Management/ Supervision

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