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An experienced Hotel Manager with over 10 years experience,in similar positions,both locally and internationally.A visionary leader who is capable of raising a great team that in turn will help me reach my targets.I possess very high professional skills in production and service,having been awarded many times for archiving my BSC.My recent position was Restaurant manager in KFC kenya.I would be grateful to secure an oversee job through your company.    

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As someone with over10 years of experience in the restaurant business, I believe that I am uniquely qualified for this position. Moreover, in my current job as a manager of KFC Kenya, I have a proven track record of success that I believe will translate well to the larger volume of customers at your store.

I have worked in the restaurant industry ever since I got my first job as a waiter, I quickly was promoted to a station waiter position, and often was responsible for seating sections of 15 tables or more. Through this job, I became acquainted with the fast paced nature of restaurant work and learned the customer service skills that have served me so well ever since. I was eventually promoted to a supervisor and learned to manage a staff that often struggled under their workload. I learned the right way to provide guidance and help where necessary to ensure that all the waiters and waitresses on my staff were able to succeed.

As I mentioned before, I am currently managing a KFC store. I have held this position for the last two years and under my direction, the restaurant has grown so profitable that we were able to open up a second location downtown. I have also gained experience with attracting qualified and reliable staff; as such, we have earned critical acclaim both for our service and our recipes. I am also skilled at anticipating our needs and ordering ingredients and food at accurate volumes to ensure as little waste as necessary. Over the years I have built up strong relationships with local and national food suppliers which allow me to get better deals for the restaurants I am working for.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for considering my resume and other qualifications. If you feel that I meet the necessary requirements for this position, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the position and your needs in person. I can be contacted at 0799222010 or by email at find the attached CV.



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