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John Muroko kmani

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JOHN MUROKO KIMANI Box 601 00900 KIAMBU, KENYA, murokoj@yahoo.com Passport no.A117991 Skype John.muroko1 +93785116085 Dear Sir/Madam, Am writing to apply for the position of a Fuel Distribution System operator or anywhere where my skills can fit in within your area of hiring. Am confident that my skills are well -aligned with the role and that I would be excellent to fit in the organization. My studies and skills both acquired in college and those which I have gained in Afghanistan , where most of my work was evolving around; all safety procedures and practices are adhered to when refueling and defueling, carrying out dipping on trucks delivering fuel before defueling and ensuring that all the security seals are not tampered with, reporting any gain or loss to the supervisor and attending to the customers who wants fuel. Having joined Supreme Fuels Company Southern Afghanistan from 2012to2014 as a Fuel operator and to interact with my fellow workers and BFI department thereby learning and understanding the relevant SOPs i.e. grounding and bonding, filling of download and upload forms, how to improve the quality of fuel, checking EC, fuel sampling procedures how to use a Density meter(Anton paar), convoy planning, in-Transit Report, stock on wheels, location reports, GPS reports , FRR creations, fuels transfers and how to go about the variances caused as a leakage and fuel transportation which were of great benefit to the entire company. Currently am working in Afghanistan with NCS fuels as into plane Refueler where most of my work do revolves around fueling military flights following all standard operation procedure monitoring, maintaining and gauging of fuel in tanker trucks. Performing usage calculations and maintaining fuel levels. Prepares fuel receiving reports (FRRs) and carry out visual inspection of fuel samples (C&B) and check density and temperatures. Articulated trucks operator, I believe that these skills would make me a great asset to Company. I further believe that my experience and track record makes me an excellent fit for this opportunity. I have enclosed my resume for your consideration .Please feel free to contact me via phone, Skype or email at any time of your convenience to discuss my background as well as the requirements for the role. Yours Sincerely, John Muroko

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