General Information

  • Technical engineering knowledge on generators
  • Fluent in English
  • Troubleshoot, repair and monitor engineering equipment
  • Carry out generator inspection
  • Assist in the control and distribution of the mechanical and electrical makeup and operation of powered support systems
  • Analyzes electrical circuits, wiring diagrams and drawings, and installs, repairs, calibrates, services or replaces electrical devices and systems as per the recommendation of manufacture
  • Installation, maintenance, repair, service and operations of generators
  • Planning, coordination and effective monitoring of generator fuel and lubricants consumption
  • Complies with environmental policies, fire and safety standards
  • Perform maintenance on coolant, oil and fuel systems
  • Perform daily functional/safety inspection of all equipment including containerized refueling station, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, generators, compressors among others
  • Evaluates and diagnoses the current status of equipment by Technical Inspection
  • Use manufacture’s guidelines manuals, certified proved containers, hand tools and engineering abilities to perform necessary adjustments to meters and gouges
  • Use supply systems, inventory control procedures, and hazardous material / waste management procedures
  • Accomplish activities by use of engineering specifications, design drawings, manufacturer’s recommendations and Technical Orders
  • Carry Lockout/Tag out Procedures
  • Troubleshoots and rebuilds engines, alternating current AC systems, Direct current DC systems electronic control systems and programmable logic controls, electrical wiring and accessories switches and standard generators.
  • Understands power generation, electrical power distribution, operational safety, and structured generator and component engine maintenance programs.
  • Monitors, maintains and repairs various equipment and systems; fuel systems, air systems, motors, engines, pumps, pressure washers
  • Familiar with generators such as Caterpillar, FG Wilson, Baldor, MEP, ,Cummins, MQ Power, AKSA, Olympia and other military design generators.
  • Experience working on civilian and military style generators
  • Interprets engineering drawings and flow charts
  • Ensures good working relationship with other crafts and client at the project
  • Rebuilds and repair complete assembly of gas compressors (turbochargers) used for forced-induction of generator engines, head gaskets, seals, water pumps, fuel pumps, torque heads, belts and hoses. Test batteries, fuel coolant, and oil; ship oil samples for analysis.  Installs specified new or reconditioned parts, makes required adjustments and reassembles complete unit.
  • Installs specified new or reconditioned parts and makes required adjustments and reassembles complete unit
  • Ability to follow troubleshooting try procedures and use deductive reasons to isolate the fault and provide step by step feedback.
  • Performs inspections required by the government
  • Promotes a friendly teamwork and actively participates in quality improvement process
  • Promotes safety awareness and complies with applicable safety procedures and regulations
  • Have technical knowledge on electrical, mechanical tools
  • Experienced in working in potentially dangerous areas including compact and war zones.
  • Possess my home country valid driver’s license
  • Promotes safety awareness and complies with all applicable safety procedures and regulations, performs other duties and activities as directed.

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