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  • Language English and kiswahili
  • Highest Degree Level Certification
  • Total Year Experience 8years
  • Job Category  Security Guards
  • Expected Job Level Managerial
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Name : Vincent Mesa Orwaru
Date of Birth : 28th June, 1985
Nationality : Kenyan
Marital Status : Single
Religion : Christian
Gender : Male
Address : P.O Box 8318 – 00300, Nairobi
Tel : +254727 724768/+97470529908
Passport No. : A140392
Languages : English and Kiswahili
Email : /


June2009 –Oct 2011: Sabre International security company Iraq
Jan2012-decem2015:Aegis defense forces Iraq
Position: Security Guard
• Guard ECP over watch.
• As Guard ECP over watch the incumbent monitors from a safe distance visitors entering and Exiting the camp.
• Responsible for the safety of the screening guard.
• React appropriately in accordance with the security QRF to any threat observed.
• Enforcing of all rules and regulation pertaining the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles at the ECP.
• As Guard ECP screening the incumbent will conduct proper search of all personal vehicles entering or exiting the camp or Sabre International security facilities.
• Be well versed in company SOP’s , as to the types of searches for each category of visitors to the facility and ensure that the proper searches are conducted.
• Ensure the safety and security of staff personnel, office buildings and equipment and all other properties inside the compound of the camp.
• Not to leave the post unless properly relieved ,
• Reporting all incidences to the Supervisor or team leaders on duty without delay.
• Being alert and vigilant at all times.
• Once the ECP is closed and the staff left of the compound the guard is not authorized to open the ECP unless authorized ,
• He should inform the team leader to inform the supervisor on duty before opening the ECP at night for an emergency reason.
• Do not allow anyone to enter the camp unless authorized indicating on his or her budge he/she should curry a weapon and the budge should indicate which type of weapon he/she should curry and he/she should unload the weapon and leave it with the security guards at the ECP , but the guard should not handle or take any responsibility for the weapon until the owner is back and the weapon given to the authorized personnel when leaving the camp.
• Try and resist, without putting personal life at risk ,any attempt (forcefully or otherwise) by unauthorized personnel or vehicle trying to enter the camp.
• Meanwhile report to the team leader to report to the supervisor in charge or, in emergency situations; call on the QRF for assistance.

• Maintain continuous surveillance of your post and everywhere in the camp throughout your period of duty, by foot patrol.

• Be aware of fire drills and location of fire extinguisher.

• Guard patrol, the incumbent will be responsible for patrolling camp to ensure both perimeter and interior security of the facility.
• Monitoring and reporting of any intruder and /or safety violation
• Securing of all building and vehicles after hours by vehicle or foot patrolling after hours.
• Securing of the perimeter of the camp at all times by vehicle or foot patrolling.
• Work with liaison with the army and security company personnel you are working with in your company.

• A proper hand over should be recorded on the book, the guards are advice not to take over unless the responsibly is properly handed over through written document in a book and ensure all security \equipment within the post are in order and functional.
• The outgoing guard should proceed with normal safety precaution of the weapon and ensure the weapon is unloaded and clear ready to be handed over to the incoming guard on duty.

• Ability to operate and maintain various weapon systems utilized in the observation positions for facility security and defense

Areas covered
• Weapon training Inc. life firing
• Static guard & Escort duties
• Person and vehicle search
• General order No.1
• Bomb detections
• Quick response force
• General duties
• Guarding towers and crowd control

• Radio communicator

• Fire fighter
• Manning road blocks
• Sexual harassment
• Handled weapons like,ak47 riffle,12GA tactical short gun,M4 riffle,M16riffle,berrettaM9pistol,Glock19,17 9mmpistol, M21 Rifle, PKM machine gun, weapon
• Basic first Aid
• Centcom arming policy
• Radio & procedure reporting
• Trafficking in person
• Health & safety
• Tower & ECP drills
• Salute report

March2008 – April2009: National Youth Service
Basic Paramilitary Training
Course covered
• National Youth service act
• First aid and fire fighting
• Physical training foot drills
• Sports
• Parade
• Hygiene and general discipline

Jan2006-july2006:Rocky driving school
• Informing the guest about WI-FI offer in the vehicles
• Notify appropriate personnel of any vehicle maintenance needs
• Document all vehicle incidents (damages, accidents) and provide report of incidents to manager/supervisor
• Report accidents ,injuries and unsafe work conditions to Travel desk supervisor
• Follow all company policies and procedures; ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets
• Welcome and acknowledge all guests according to company standards ;anticipate and address guest’s service needs; assist individual with
disabilities; thank guest with a genuine appreciation
• Transport the guest to /from the airport using appropriate vehicle
• Document all trips prior to the start of and at the conclusion of each trip
• Inspect property vehicles for damage and cleanliness
• Check tire pressure and fluid levels for property vehicle, and refuel as necessary
• Responsible for proper maintenance of the vehicle assigned & PSV to are update and has the vehicle sticker. Notify your supervisor at least a month in advance for renewals
• Always ensure that the vehicles have all the necessary accessories i.e. spare wheels. Spanners .a jack, torch, umbrella, first aid kit and fire
• Ensure that the vehicle is clean all times
• Develop and maintain positive working relationship with others
• Comply with quality assurance expectations and standards
• Carry out any other duties assigned by the travel desk supervisor
• To follow the house rules and policies laid down by the management

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
Jan2005 – nov2005 : Dima Academy

Jan2001 – Dec2004 : Kivaywa High School

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education
Jan1993 – Dec2000 : Kakamega Primary School


• Reading
• Making friends
• Traveling
• Playing basket ball


• Mr. Lucas A. Omariba
o Accountant / Lawyer
o P.O Box 8318 – 00300
o Nairob / Kenya
o Tel: 0734 670232

• Mrs. Margret Meja
o Banker – Standard Chartered Bank
o HQS Nairobi – Kenya
o Tel: 0722 628477

• Mr.Readon Omukhango
Manager at tours and travelers


2nd March 2008 to 8th April 2009
National youth service collegeCertification

I received a certificate for paramilitary training at this college.

Work Experience

January2012 to December2015
Aegis defence forcesSecurity guard

I worked in Iraq,Tikrit camp as an armed security guard.

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