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September 2012
Faith AcademyCertificate of completion

Youth Empowerment with entrepreneurship, I.C.T and life skills. Conducted by Digital Opportunity Trust organisation.

February 2014
R.G.C Computer CollageCertificate

Courses taken ware as follows;
1. Introduction to Computer 
2. Microsoft Windows XP
3. Microsoft Word 
4. Microsoft Excel
5. Microsoft Access 
Awarded Distinction certificate of the above skills. 

October 2014
Kenya Utalii Collage certificate of completion

Food and Beverage Service Supervision Course.

Work Experience

MARCH 2019 TO JULY 2021

At A.M.S company as a parts manager, i was working in a supply chain management whereby i used to supervise Forward Supply Depot (F.S.D), Foreign Military Sales (F.M.S) and Yard storage dealing with Automotive spare part and plant equipment for both Afghan National Army (A.N.A) and Afghan National Police (A.N.P). Arrange parts for Mobile Maintenance Team (M.M.T), Conduct Team (C.T) and Workshop Maintenance Team for the next mission assigned. Ordering, Receiving, Inventorying and Issuing parts in system and physically from the locations. Parts adjustments, Damages and Reports ware some of my primary duties in my work station.  

MARCH 2017 – JAN 2019

As a Warehouse operative in I.S.S Company, i used to play the following roles;
1. Inventory
2. Receiving
3. Issuing 
4. Sorting
5. House keeping 
6. Offloading and loading by use of 5000 pounds and 25000 pounds forklifts or pallet-jacks
7. Reports 
Deliveries to UNSOA Project Military Bases at Somalia was the key responsibility.

JULY 2015 - FEB 2017

Day to day manpower sign in and out was my first attempt in my assigned site locations e.g; Ain Hammand, Ras ABU Fontas and Doha west. I used to control the stork movement and site equipments.
i had to submit dairy reports and update the stock usage or consumed on a daily basis.Receiving, Inventory and issuance of tools was my key responsibility.

AUGUST 2014 - JUNE 2015
METRO LOGISTICS Material Control Specialist

I was in charge of Re-order point, Receiving, Issuing and sending deliveries to the customers. 

JANUARY 2014 - JULY 2014
PZ Cussons East Africa LtdtWarehouse Lead

Inspection of order and prepare pick note for the team.
verifying the quantities picked whether matches the pick list and order list before loading for delivery.   


First Aid at Workstation (11/03/2019)

Introduction of First Aid
Application of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
First attempt on Burns
Breathing problems
How to safeguard Fractures 
Emergency call responsibilities 

Opsec Awareness (04/25/2019)

Training on;
Phishing information 
Security Awareness 
Cyber security awareness
Threats and Incident Report 
Risk Assessment
OPSEC Countermeasures
Identify Critical Information

Conflict of Interest (6/05/2019)

Understanding what is the Conflict Interest
Understanding examples of Conflict of Interest 
Identifying the signs of Conflict of Interest
understanding the obligations in relation to Conflict of Interest
How to Report the Conflict of Interest

iWatch (26/05/2019)

Understanding what the iWatch program is
Understanding the types of suspicious activity or behavior
Knowing where to report suspected incident 
Understanding that this is mandatory for contracts tied to Army 

Timekeeping Modules 1&2 (25/05/2019)

The basic use of Timekeeping software applications
Importance and Responsibility of proper time charging 
Identifying the responsibility of employees in recording accurate labor 
Understanding the penalties for knowingly mischarging time (Act of FALSE Claims)
Timekeeping process
Able to truck their own time and attendance in Easy Clocking System 
Understanding how time affects the Payroll 
Payroll adjustments (Absent, Tardy, Undertime, Overtime and Vacations) 

Code of Business Ethics (25/05/2019)

Identifying and defining Bullying, Harassment and Victimisation in the workplace
Recognizing the different between Bullying, Harassment and Victimisation 
Understanding the roles and responsibilities of those involved in situation 
The effect of Bullying and Harassment 
How to report workplace Bullying, Harassment and Victimisation

Certificate of COREims System (19/03/2019)

This is a G4 System training in the following skills;
1.User interface 
2. Inventory management 
3. Receiving 
4. Shipping 
5. Transfer &
6. Reports 

Food Safety Level 2 (28/01/2018)

Introduction to food safety
Personal Hygiene 
Microbiological Hazards 
Food poisoning and its control 
Food premises and Equipment 
Food pests and control
Cleaning and Disinfection 
Contamination Hazards and Controls 
Control from Purchase to Service 
Food safety Enforcement 

Handheld Computers Certificate (03/08/2017)

In-house training under the following areas;
1. Inventory 
2. Receiving 
3. Shipping 
4. Bin Transfers 
5. Picking &
6. Reports 

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