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Dear Sir / Madam

RE:-SENIOR WARE HOUSEMAN / PROPERTY LEAD/ SENIOR LOGISTICS COORDINATOR/SENIOR MATERIALS SPECIALIST. I hereby apply for any of the above position in the company; I am a hardworking dedicated person wishing to join this field with 26+ years of experience in supply chains management gained from various organizations. Am capable of working extensively in ensuring that supply chain is effective both in term of business processes and cost, I possess an excellent ability to manage supply chain logistics. My familiarity with enterprise resource planning and negotiating prudent contracts is sufficient to make me eligible for these positions. Moreover, as a highly motivated and detail oriented individual, I can lead effectively in multicultural environment. Instilled in me the ability to provide support to all project operational personnel and to devise and maintain logistical procedures to facilitate the movement of project personnel, I have had some experience working as warehouse supervisor to daily schedules of anticipated goods movements both inwards and outwards, Additionally, I have strong understanding of strategic sourcing and supply chain management including forecasting, planning and inventory control. I would be happy to meet you at your convenience time to further discuss any existing opportunity within the company. Please find attached my C.V / resume for your perusals. Thank you. Yours faithfully, George Otolo Oketch.

General Information


Highly motivated and results-focused, with exceptional communication, interpersonal and networking capabilities / ability to efficiently and effectively perform the technical requirements that help forge strong working relationships, drive interagency collaboration and meet critical program objectives. To obtain a challenging position that will allow me to best utilize my experience, skills and knowledge working in a diverse and challenging population such at Established Organizations. Core competencies include…

  • Tracking Change Order
  • Reporting Inventory Control Log /Monthly Control Log
  • Closing Service Order Request / Quality Assurance Program.
  • Property Book, Government Property.
  • Expediting /Vendor Management
  • Receiving Material
  • Track and Receive Letter Of Technical Directives.
  • Process Request Orders.
  • Advanced Skilled in Barcode Reader, Handheld-Scanners.
  • Property Accountability, Equipment status, Sensitive items.
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Negotiations with Vendor. • Container Management
  • Create Record of Discrepancies
  • Process Fair Wear Tear / Natural Wear & Tear Packets.
  • Procurement & Purchasing Management.
  • Billings / Budgeting.
  • Inventory of Material.
  • Strong working knowledge of FAR, DOD, and other policies, procedures, and regulations governing Property, transport, maintenance, service and Materials Management.
  • Advance usage of Radio frequency identification, RFID tag or Smart label in Supply Chain, Passive/Active tag
  • Knowledgeable in standard army retails supply system & supply activities.
  • TMR / AMR, Transportation / Aircraft Movement request process.

Work Experience

May 2017 - Present
SOS International LLC -Camp-Taji, IraqMaterials Control Specialist

·       rnAssists the management in identification and development ofrnappropriate work processes to meet client needs.


·       rnCreate and maintain multiple databases in support of Program andrnProject requirements and mission specific tasks.


·       rnAssist in the preparation, accumulation, audit/inspection, andrnaccountability of materials to include development of requisitions, close outrnof requisitions, development and close out of purchase orders, updating ofrnPurchasing requests, Purchasing order’s, Delivery notes, & MAXIMO system ofrnrecord.


·       rn Monitoring all approvedrnPO`s for delivery within the given frame time & updating them in database.


·       rnTracking, making sure all deliveries-Partial / not delivered /rnPending delivery / Rejected are reported to the management.


·       rnReconciling PR, Purchase request tracker with Procurement andrnmaterials records.


·       rnReporting the findings to the management in-order to close out oldrnPRs with no updated status on PR tracker


·       rnConducting and assisting in inventories of containers within theirrnarea of responsibility.rn

August- 2016 – May-2017.
Pacific Architects Engineers-(PAE)-U.S Embassy-Baghdad-Iraq Logistics -Clerk.

Managingrninventory, filling requisition form, and coordinating with userrndepartment. 
rn• Supervising loading and unloading of shipment and stocking of goods in thernwarehouse. 
rn• Collecting and verifying purchase orders from supply and other departmentsrnfor placing orders. 
rn• Preparing delivery schedules and confirmed arrival of shipment fromrnvendors. 
rn• Performing data entry and updating purchase orders. 
rn• Creating bills of lading and certificate of origin for shipment. 
rn• Communicate with clients and updated them about freight pick-up andrndeliveries.
rn• Liaised between internal departments and local authorities for deliveryrnpermits. 
rn• Performed physical counting on incoming goods and reconciled it with purchasernorders.
rn• Sorted out goods damaged in transit and informed vendors for taking themrnback. 
rn• Updating records of inventory and location. 
rn• Arranged and coordinated shipment process and monitored transfer ofrngoods. 
rn• Administer and maintain the acquisition, deployment and supply of stock forrnwarehousing, manufacturing and other businesses that deal with large quantitiesrnof stock. Organize for the transfer and transport of stock between departments orrnwarehouses, and to and from other companies or organizations. Receive stock andrncheck it against inventory records and prepare stock for delivery. Interpretrnorder numbers and inventory and use this information to compile reports.rnEnsuring different products can move between departments, on time and in thernright quantities.

September-2014 to May-2016.
Logistics Management CenterLogistics coordinator.

Responsiblernfor maintaining a record of all outstanding purchase orders with externalrnvendors.
rn• Arrange transportation and forwarding services for all orders to ensurernmaterials are delivered as per schedule.
rn• Expedites all critical orders with local subcontract vendors.
rn• Reviews expediting schedules on all customer orders. Obtains and forwardsrninformation to planning and sales teams.
rn• Responsible for all duty customs sales and tax functions, includingrncertification and verification, drawback, and compliance with governmentalrnagencies.
rn• Coordinates imports and exports.
rn• Reviews freight rates: air, courier, and land.
rn• Liaises with custom brokers for updated reporting procedures and valuations.

Oct 2011 to August-201
DynCorp International-FOB-Apache- (AFGHANISTAN)Warehouse-man.

ProcessingrnRequest Order for Clients / Trades Departments and Site to Site request fromrnother Forward Operation Base and making sure their demands are achieved withinrnstipulated time cycle-(Lead-Time).
rn• Using handheld scanner to perform transactions within warehouse-(OfflinernShipping / Receiving).
rn• Assigned / Taking duties and responsibilities of Other FOB`s- all requestrnorders/receiving & issuing making sure all the line are closed in thernsystem-(Dyn-MRO) and issued to the respectively departments.
rn• Shipping, overseeing (FOB)-Apache`s warehouse and distribution. Shipping andrnreceiving keep track of inventory and make sure all packages are arrived andrnshipped out in good condition.
rn• Making sure and taking care of weekly bench stock directive request andrnLogistics Management Centre Management Tool-Request Order Kill list reports isrnexecuted within given frame time.
rn• Submitting theater wide critical reports of Materials which need to bernordered.
rn• Process Site to Site orders by communicating with the losing site, oncernapproval is received Request Order is dropped, Transport Movement Requestrn/Cargo Movement Request is requested and monitor movement of material untilrnarrival on site
rn• Submitting Transportation Movement Request and Cargo Movement Request for thernTrades Departments that need to transport FWT (Fair Wear and Tear) & N.W.Trn(Natural Wear and Tear ) material to the Dyn-Corp Rebuilt Department andrnDefense Re-utilization Materials Office for turn-in
rn• Receive and issue all materiel in System, monitor and resolve any warehousernissues in System.
rn• Prepared documentation necessary for turn-in or for repairable components
rn• Prepares ROD, (Report of Discrepancy) by processing paperwork back tornTrans-HUB or shipping site
rn• Preparing 3161 and shipping documents, submits Cargo Movement Request for AirrnCargo Movement for Site to Site of material
rn• Conduct monthly 10% inventory and submitting report to Contract Supply Officernand Regional Warehouse Manager Provide input on nightly STREP to MaterialrnManagement.

2008 –October-2011.
Bondo fish meals Warehouse supervisor.

Accountablernfor the day-to-day motivation, supervision and performance of all employees.
rn• Actively supervise materials handling daily work Cooperate with upperrnmanagement, office staff and other shifts to achieve facilities goals inrnsafety, performance, and profitability other duties.
rn• Responsible for overseeing a wide variety of warehouse activities includingrnshipping and receiving materials, maintaining inventory and associated recordsrnand planning, assigning daily warehouse personnel duties.
rn• Plans layout of stockroom, warehouse and other storage areas, consideringrnturnover.
rn• Packing and staging of outbound shipments with highest shipment are accuraternand free of damage.
rn• Ensure the efficient and safe operation of all materials handling equipment:rnwork schedule are correctly implemented and that jobs are assigned effectively.
rn• Direct all warehouse operations handles supervisory duties such as retainingrnand ensuring proper training of quality employees, ensure accurate productsrnselection and loading, operations documents materials and supplies shipped,rnensure proper sanitation as needed.
rn• Manage piping MTO download into the Material Management System. Ensure pipingrnmaterials are listed and requisitioned to meet project requirements. Forecastrnpiping material requirements throughout a project in conjunction with ProjectrnProcurement and Construction strategy.
rn• Manage structural bulks requirements and delivery in the Material ManagementrnSystem. Coordinate with supplier and construction shipping priorities.
rn• Coordinate with Planning and Scheduling, Field Material Coordinators orrnjobsite Project Expeditors and Construction to establish priorities, sequences,rnand required delivery dates and instruct suppliers accordingly.
rn• Evaluate production schedules and progress reports from suppliers torndetermine if supplier’s programs and work progress meet jobsite requirements,rnand if not, initiate corrective action with supervisory guidance.
rn• Review, corroborate and approve supplier invoices for equipment/materialrndeliveries against Purchase Order requirements, as to quantity and quality.
rn• Review material receiving reports against shipping documents to verify thatrnall equipment and material has been received at jobsite, in accordance with thernPurchase Order. Facilitate and/or assist in the resolution of any equipment andrnmaterial deficiencies at point of receipt, through the OS&D and NCR reportsrngenerated by the Jobsite Receiving / Material, Coordinator provide guidance tornother levels of assigned personnel and ensure that they follow departmentrnprocedures.

March-1993 to Oct 2008
Kenya Air ForceSupply-Officer.

Examinedrnstock to be verified to government specifications.
rn• Reconciled inventories with paperwork and computer counts using excel andrnrecorded accurately available budgets.
rn• Tracked all supplies through regularly inventorying by Air Force regulations.
rn• Ensured all departments supply needs were met.
rn• Communicated with vendors to ensure timely delivery by coordinated withrnsupervisors to meet mission deadlines.
rn• Supervising subordinates within the supply department insured training andrncross leveling of duties and responsibilities were conducted.

Summary of Skills

Team Work, Commercial Awareness, Adaptability, Enthusiasm of Logistics & Supply chain, Analytical skills, Status Reports, Inventory Control System, Production Control, shared services, International Trade Compliance, Problem resolution, Cost effective, Management of Material Resources, Materials handling.

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